Why Choose Us

Small Class Sizes and Low Teacher to Student Ratio
With a smaller class size, teachers can apportion more time for each student.

Encouraging Mastery
Students will advance to the next grade when he or she shows mastery in his or her current level. We want to make sure that the child fully understands the concepts taught before he or she is given further academic challenges. We want our students to be fully prepared as mastery is believed to be the foundation of future learning and ultimately leads to academic achievement.

Traditional Values
Ebenezer Christian School, Inc. considers Biblical values and principles to be the forefront of education. Because of traditional values, we are able to help our students grow into well-rounded, responsible, and benevolent Christians.

Academic Excellence
The curriculum used at Ebenezer Christian School, Inc. will be the foundation for each student’s success. We build their confidence in academics by creating opportunities for them to develop better control over their skills, to apply ideas into measured practice, and to use their knowledge for good. At the same time, we encourage them to live with faith and to embody ethics when practicing their future professions.