New Enrollment Procedures

1. Submit Student Application

1.1. A copy of the student application can be obtained at our main office or downloaded here

2. Submit Additional Documentation

2.1. In addition to the student application, parents enrolling pupils in our school for the first time, or for re-enrollment following an absence of one or more semesters must provide the following documentation:

2.1.1. Student Health Examination (DH3040) 
2.1.2. Florida Certificate of Immunization (DH680) 
2.1.3. Birth certificate 
2.1.4. Withdrawal form from previous school 
2.1.5. Most recent Report Card 
2.1.6. Achievement scores from previous school (ex. S.A.T. scores) 
2.1.7. IEP Plan 
2.1.8. Proof of residence 
2.1.9. Social security #’s (Both parent and child) 
2.1.10. Any Reporting income (Child Support or Employment)

2.2. Return all the completed forms and the registration fee to the school office. Registration will not be processed without full payment of the registration fee and proper completion of all forms.

3. Interview and School Tour

3.1. After all required documents have been submitted, parents will be able to schedule an interview and a school tour. Interviews and school tours are done by appointment only.

4. Assessment Test

4.1. Newly enrolled students are required to take an assessment test to determine their skill level. This test is taken by appointment only.

5. Decision

5.1. Parents will be notified of the final decision after all documents are processed and reviewed.

‘’Recognizing Jesus as the author and finisher of my faith and the word as the supreme standard for all wisdom and knowledge, it is my aim to submit myself, accordingly, realizing that as I seek first his kingdom and righteousness, all these things shall be added.’’ (Hebrews 12:1, 2; James 1:5; I Peter 1:24; I John 2; 5, 6; 5:3-5.