High School Transfer Students

Transfer Information

Admissions and transfers are dependent Sophomore and Junior applicants must have earned the required credits before registering for Ebenezer Christian School.
Students must earn the following credits before entering their proper grade level:

  • Sophomore – Algebra I, English I, Biology
  • Junior – Geometry, English II, Physical Science

Each student enrolling in Ebenezer Christian School will be given a diagnostic test to determine their skill level. Four academic areas are:

  • Math – levels 1-9
  • English – levels 1-9
  • Reading – levels 1-8
  • Spelling – levels 2-9

The evaluator uses the diagnostic results to determine a student’s academic needs in each subject. After completion of the diagnostic tests, the student is given a curriculum that meets and challenges the student at his or her performance level. When he or she demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing, he or she will have the ability to work at his or her proper grade level.